Magenge is a company based in Tanzania specialized in sourcing, mining and trading of minerals, ranging from gemstones of all kinds, gold-and metals and a range of bulk, cheap stones and industrial minerals available within Sub-Saharan African countries.

About us

Magenge is a company based in Tanzania specialized in sourcing, mining and trading of minerals, ranging from gemstones of all kinds, gold-and metals and a range of bulk, cheap stones and industrial minerals available within Sub-Saharan African countries. The company was established to aid gemstone dealers and miners within Sub-Sahara region to link with the international markets to sell as well as acquire much-needed venture capital to propel the Industry into realizing its full potential. We work with mining operators in gold,coal, nickel, copper, gemstones and other industrial minerals within Sub-Saharan African countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to streamline gemstones, critical minerals, precious stones and industrial minerals trading operations within Sub-Saharan Africa countries and with foreign markets.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading partner in sourcing and trading of minerals to meet the growing demand of the critical minerals, Precious stones and Industrial minerals through transformative investment partnerships across Sub-Saharan African countries.

Our Values



We are determined to find the best available solutions to solve problems quickly and effectively.



We strive to support our clients in all aspects, that's what distinguishes us form other dealers in the market.



We are deadline driven to achieve maximum productivity at all levels.



Boosting balanced Economic Growth within mining communities, Gender Equality as well as active participation on CSR.


Best Practises

We believe in Environment Friendly Operations.

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Rose Quartz

Mining Investment Opportunities in Mineral Sector

Tanzania is one of Africa ’ s most mineral-rich countries, with minerals such as precious metals
(gold and silver), iron ore, base metals (copper, nickel, cobalt, tin, lead,) Platinum Group Metals (PGM), Rare Earth Elements (REE), coal, uranium, diamonds, varieties of coloured gemstones (tanzanite, ruby, sapphire, tsavorite, rhodolite, tourmaline,) and industrial minerals (limestone, kaolin, kyanite, magnesite, phosphate, gypsum). There are also naturally occurring resources such as ground water, carbon dioxide and helium gas, geothermal energy and natural gas.

The Lake Victoria goldfields (greenstone belt) still stands for areas of investment in gold mining.
There are prospects such as Kitongo, Nyakafuru, Miyari and Sekenke which are not yet developed.
Many others do exist upon exploration in this belt. The Lupa goldfields in South west of Tanzania
andMpanda area are promising for gold mineralization in which other base metals are associated.

Over 300 kimberlites are known in Tanzania of which, 20% are diamondiferous. Some 600 dipolar magnetic anomalies with similar geophysical characteristics are known kimberlite pipes which
have been recorded during recent geophysical surveys. Also of relevance are the
psuedo-kimberlites or para-kimberlites along the young craters where diamonds have been

Alluvial diamonds have been recorded but a large deposit of economic exploitation has not yet
been found. Locating shallow buried superficial deposits using airborne infrared surveys may prove
useful. Areas in Tabora and Singida regions are worthwhile for detail work.

Varieties of gemstones are found in the Proterozoic rock formations mainly east of the Archaean Craton. Scattered areas in which gemstones are known to occur west and south of the Craton. The gemstones include: ruby, tanzanite, garnets, tourmaline, sapphires, spinel, topaz, scapolite, emeralds, chrysoprase and alexandrite.

Numerous iron ore bodies have been identified in the Proterozoic rocks. Titaniferous magnetic bodies associated with anorthositic gabbro occur at Liganga SWTanzania and is in close proximity (80 km) to the coal resources of Ketewaka-Mchuchuma. Shallow drilling established a resource of 45 million tonnes grading 52 percent Fe. The Titanium minerals are also known in beach sands along the coast.

The country possess a coal resource may be as higher as 1.5 billion tonnes and their ash content varies from 14.2% to 45%. Coal resources occur in Karoo rock formations in southwestern part of  Tanzania. Reserves in the order of 1000 million tonnes of coal have been proved by drilling in all
the coal fields and only 40% can be extracted by surface mining methods. Currently coal is being exploited on a small scale at Kiwira Coal Mine. Coalfields with highest potential are Katewaka – Mchuchuma in the Ruhuhu basin and Songwe – Kiwira. The caols vary in rank from sub-bituminous C to medium-volatile bituminous (mvb). The ash content between 15% and 20% and other seams as higher as 40% and generally low in sulphur (less than 2%). Songwe-Kiwira coalfield is the only coalfield producing coal using mechanized underground coal mine at Kiwira.

(PGMs – platinum, palladium, rhodium, rhenium, osmium and iridium). Occurrence of these minerals are in layered mafic igneous intrusives such as gabbros and anorthosites; ultramafic rocks such as peridotite, dunite and serpentine. It involves concentration of molten sulfide droplets or oxide crystals in mafic or ultramafic magma.

Ore bodies for iron, nickel, copper, cobalt, chromium, and Platinum Group Metals (PGM) are
associated with ultramafic intrusions whilst tin and tungsten related to granitic intrusions. None of
these metals has been mined in Tanzania although there are advanced projects such as Kabanga

We offer a wide range of mining equipment from well renowned brands that can cater to most of your opencast mining requirements. Considering the increasing need for sustainable resource extraction, our products offer industry leading fuel efficiency and productivity that leads mining
operations towards achieving low cost per tonne for long term profitability.

Owning and operating costs are pivotal to running equipment on a mine site. Through our years of experience in mining, we have developed an appreciation of the right brands to partner with and
what we need to deliver upon, to ensure that your operation gives you the return on investment you
are after.


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